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Abbotsford Airport Transportation Guide

In the shortest way possible we will describe the real situation in the transportation market in Vancouver and how to find THE BEST TRANSPORTATION solution for Abbotsford International Airport YXX.

1. To get to the Great Vancouver Area.

Reliable Bus YXX Shuttle + Skytrain (Local Subway, the longest automotive subway system in the world. Really cool and smooth ride).

  1. Travel time on the Reliable Bus Shuttle to Scott Road Skytrain Station – 35-45 min depending on the traffic.
  2. Scott Road Station to New Westminster – 10 min, Scott Road Station to Burnaby – 15-20 min, Scott Road Station to Downtown Vancouver – 29 – 35 min. There are few stations located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, so you will have a choice depending on where you need to exit. But to get to the final Waterfront Station (5 min walk from Cruise Terminal) you will spend about 35 min.

Total Travel time on Reliable Bus YXX Shuttle from YXX to Vancouver – 1hr and 10 min to 1hr and 20 min. Using the train YXX Shuttle and Skytrain you will avoid ground traffic which is a big problem for Vancouver Core.

Total price: C$17 CAD for Shuttle and C$3 - C$5.75 for SkyTrain.

Reliable Bus it’s the Fastest and Cheapest way to get to Vancouver.


2. To get to Surrey:

Well, no doubt if you live in Surrey and traveling to or from YXX yours only and the best option is Reliable Bus Abbotsford Airport Shuttle. 17 CAD and 35-45 min you are where you need to be. 


3. Poparide:

Check these guys if you are ready to share your ride with others. 


4. Taxi:

if you missed all other option the taxi to Surrey will cost anywhere from C$70 to C$90 CAD. Taxi to Vancouver will be even more than that. I don’t even wanna talk about it.

Total travel time: Taxi is a taxi. It gets you to where you want for how much it costs.


5. E-Bus or Zoom bus.

They are offering service to the Terminal Station on a daily basis with a fairly limited schedule on the way from or to Kamloops and Kelowna. The price for Vancouver ride is C$30-40. Trip to Vancouver Downtown interfaced with traffic jams most of the times, be aware to spend an additional hour in traffic.

Total travel time: 1hr and 20 min to 1hr and 50 min and C$ 30 - C$40.


6. Car Rentals 

You can rent a car for yourself or your family at the car rentals at the YXX with no problem.

7. Car Shares

You might also consider the car-sharing solutions that you might use for locations around Vancouver. Use our shuttle – Get to the Car location and spend less with practical hourly car-sharing services.